a call to all musicians for a new collaboration project


As many of you know, I have collaborated with a number of musicians from all over the world in the last 4 years and, once again, being inspired by Cousin Silas, I would like to begin the creation process of Scott Lawlor and friends.

if anyone is interested in doing a collaboration, even if we’ve never worked together before, I would love to work with you on a track for the first volume of what I hope will become a series of releases.

As you may also know, I work in a variety of subgenres of ambient including Dark ambient, space, new-age, and recently, noise and avant gard. I am always up for trying something that I may not have considered before so if you’d like to work on something that isn’t in these categories, I am willing to explore new sonic territory with you.

To get in touch, you can leave me a message on Facebook, twitter, or contact me through my bandcamp page https://scottlawlor.bandcamp.com/

If you contact me through Facebook and we don’t follow each other, I may not see your message right away because Facebook notifications apparently don’t notify you of other messages or filtered messages, as they call it this week.

Please feel free to share this invitation with other musicians you may follow if you feel so inclined.

I thank you for considering the possibility of collaboration and I look forward to our creative explorations together.


some reissues coming out


I wanted to let you know that I’m planning a few reissues on my bandcamp page in2017.

As you know, I started out releasing albums on other net labels in 2013 and 2014 and am still honored that net labels in the community make my work a part of their catalogues of digital material. My logic in reissuing these older titles is that I probably have followers on bandcamp who may not necessarily follow the other labels and so I am planning this series over the rest of this year along with the usual release of new material.

I will be reissuing ‘Like a Pelican of the Wilderness” which was originally released on the weareallghosts label in June of 2013. I may also record a bonus track for this reissue but I haven’t decided on that as of yet. As this was one of my first albums, and since my use of vst’s and methods of recording have changed considerably, I was drawn to the notion of reworking the whole album from scratch and that’s still something I am contemplating but then, there is merit in letting a work be, no matter how I feel about its sound later as it captured a specific moment in my life so the aim of perfection at a later time overrides that initial picture in the original moment. As you can tell, this is still an idea that I’m unsure of.

Waterless Places which was originally released on the Aural Films label in 2014 will also be reissued. This album has been remastered and includes a bonus track, an organ version of the piece which was performed live on stillstream.fm in 2015.

I am going to be reissuing “the Ancient Glaciers of Mars” with MetaDronos later this year with all new artwork by Wings of an Angel as well as a 35 minute newly created track exclusively for this version of the release.

Two more collaborations will also be coming out, “Ancient Oceans with the Gateless Gate and Abstractions with Earlyguard, also originally released on the weareallghosts label.

All of these reissued albums will have a cost of 0 with the option to name your own price. as always, I appreciate your support of my work financially and in the time it takes to listen to the music. With so much digital material available in such abundance, I am honored that my work is among the artists who you decide to make a part of your lives.