new release: Foundation Wall

hello. I have a new album out so here are the liner notes. For those on Facebook who saw the earlier draft of these notes, they have been updated.

prepare ye for the worst political election in decades with the two worst candidates to ever have the desire to be president. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are both equally unqualified for the mantle of leadership they seek and this album suggests where they really should be, buried under the foundation and concealed behind the wall of isolation that will make America great again.

If you are fed up with the corrupt two-party system in America and the ineffective deplorable candidates it produces, I urge you to vote your conscience and consider a third-party alternative, all the while, ignoring the fools who will try to convince you that a vote for such a candidate is a wasted effort.

All source material for this new political protest album came from the first and second shit shows which were wrongfully classified as presidential debates.


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