two releases for Halloween


I have two albums to chill you on this frightful day of wandering spirits and ghostly goblins.



Thank you for having the courage to listen and for your ongoing support of my music.


new release: Foundation Wall

hello. I have a new album out so here are the liner notes. For those on Facebook who saw the earlier draft of these notes, they have been updated.

prepare ye for the worst political election in decades with the two worst candidates to ever have the desire to be president. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are both equally unqualified for the mantle of leadership they seek and this album suggests where they really should be, buried under the foundation and concealed behind the wall of isolation that will make America great again.

If you are fed up with the corrupt two-party system in America and the ineffective deplorable candidates it produces, I urge you to vote your conscience and consider a third-party alternative, all the while, ignoring the fools who will try to convince you that a vote for such a candidate is a wasted effort.

All source material for this new political protest album came from the first and second shit shows which were wrongfully classified as presidential debates.

new release: Show me the Glint of Light, now on bandcamp


Show me the Glint of Light has been on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify for around a week but it’s now available on my bandcamp site. Here’s a short blurb about the album followed by the link.

This recording shows the amazing versatility of Scott Lawlor as a musician and a thinker. A lot of his material is dark, even noisy, and yet here is an album of celestial beauty that hearkens back to the vintage days of early new age/ambient.

Cosmic synth melodies abound over beatific textures in a set of pieces that can be traced back to the influence of Suzanne Ciani, Steve Roach, Vangelis, Jarre, Kitaro, and other new age pioneers, but like all great music, Lawlor’s music has a piece of his own soul in it – a distinct yearning for spiritual peace that sets his vision apart from others.

This is a stunning achievement and something every fan of the beautifully melodic end of ambient should and will enjoy.

-Allister Thompson (,

Thank you for your listenership and support.