the blind flight is permanently finished


I’ve decided that I am no longer going to do the podcast. I’d like to thank you for listening over the years. I just don’t enjoy the process of doing the shows anymore and would rather spend my time working on my music.

a number of people had told me that they felt that my music was more focused and better since I had taken a break from the program over the summer and I feel that now is the time to simply discontinue the podcast and focus on my creative endeavors.

As a result, I will be deleting the bandcamp site by Sunday September 18, which gives you time to download the episodes that are there. I will also be removing this blog and my facebook page for the program on that same day, if I can figure out how to delete them.

If you’d like to still follow my musical endeavors, you can follow me on twitter @sklawlor, or facebook, or the bandcamp page itself

It has truly been a joy to bring you new music discoveries over the years and I appreciate your listenership. Now it’s time to focus more on creating music as there are numerous other options for discovering existing music that has been released.


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