The Blind Flight, returning with a new home


After a couple of months away from broadcasting, I am ready to come back to the hobby, implementing a couple of significant changes.

Over the years, from time to time, some people have had problems with downloading the podcasts from dropbox and so I went out to try to find a more permanent solution to the problem.

first, I looked at but uploading was quite problematic for me.

My second thought was to look at bandcamp and to have a separate page for the podcast. I like this approach for a couple of reasons.

First, bandcamp is very easy to use.

Second, for anyone who has purchased items on the site, they can get what is called a fan account which allows them to follow anyone on bandcamp and get notifications about when new releases are available from that account.

Finally, I wouldn’t have to limit the availability of the podcast, something else that would be helpful for when people go on vacation for a couple of weeks only to discover when they got home, that a program was no longer available. I would always provide a new link to anyone who emailed me personally, or try to as much as I could anyway so having bandcamp would eliminate this problem altogether.

The big changes for the program are going to be its duration and a new home. Bandcamp has a 291 meg upload limit per track, at least for a new account, and I believe the program will be best downloaded as a single file rather than split tracks to cover the duration of the much longer 5 hour broadcast. As a result of this, the duration may vary a bit at the beginning until I can figure out what an appropriate length will be.

Now, having said that, if having a podcast in multiple tracks isn’t an issue for you so that you can enjoy a longer program, I will certainly implement that approach as the show is all about new music discoveries and you, the listener.

The next significant change I want to talk about is making the program a download only podcast and not a live show. I have decided, after many days of contemplation and soul searching, to leave the stillstream network. The main reason for this is that the vision of the program is a bit different and has undergone a gradual change over the last year or so, moving away from exclusively atmospheric drone and space music and going towards a more experimental realm at times, even into a bit of industrial noise.

for those of you who follow my personal bandcamp page, you will know that I have also embraced more noise and experimental soundscapes and this is a trend that I plan to continue to explore for myself as a creater and listener.

at first, I was going to include the podcast with my regular music on bandcamp since that page has a substantial following but the more I thought about it, the more I decided that the program really needs a page exclusive to the broadcast since, though I will be playing my music as I always have, the focus is on other artists who you won’t necessarily hear on other internet radio channels.

Since the program has been on Friday nights for quite a long time, I am planning to upload the podcasts on that day, except for special broadcasts like the Halloween and Christmas shows. I also plan to continue bringing you exclusive performances as I did when I was on the stillstream network.

The first new edition of the program will be scheduled for august 26th and announcements will be made here and on the Blind Flight Facebook page when the podcast is available for download.

I would like to thank Wings of an Angel, who has provided the new artwork for the program.

You can check out his music at

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for continuing with me on a journey that may take a bit of a different flightpath, but I hope you will ultimately discover and enjoy many more sonic excursions from your mind, to the outer edges of the galaxy.

Thank you for listening.


2 thoughts on “The Blind Flight, returning with a new home

  1. Welcome back Scott! Hope you had a great summer. Looking forward to downloading your show from Bandcamp tomorrow night (as usual) and listen to the (the blind flight?) on a Friday night (as usual).

    In your shows absence I have been listening to Bandcamp bands but not nearly the same ambient style genre. I have shamelessly sought Death Speed Metal bands blasting my neighbors and housemates with outlandishly loud beats and screams.

    The “shows” return is welcomed with open arms. Did you say 5 hours? Whoa!

    Where can we chat with you? How can we be in contact with you Friday night (EST)?

    Cannot wait for the return of a nice calm Friday night,

    P.S. Finally bought a few ground loop noise Isolators so music going from my laptop into my 4 channel mixer is nice and clear and clean with no hum or buzz to bother the source sound.

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