desert nocturnes, an new idea


I’m thinking of doing something different with the desert Nocturnes album and I’m interested in your thoughts on this change.

To the people who have already purchased this, I thank you for your support as always.

What I am considering doing is redoing the album in a 4 volume series, each with 10 tracks, that way, it’s not such an overwhelming amount of music to try to take in all at one time.

I haven’t worked out pricing for the individual sets just yet and they’ll all have the same artwork obviously.

My thinking is that trying to market 24 hours of music in one package was just too much and that’s something I should have considered from the beginning but you know what they say about hindsight being 2020.

anyway, thank you for your thoughts and opinions on this idea.


thank you


I am humbled by the generosity of the ambient community in my call in raising funds for the red cross and as a result, I was able to make a substantial donation to this organization based on sales over the last few weeks in June.

To that end, I will be giving a live performance on tonight as a way to express my appreciation to the community for their support both in listenership and monetary funds during a time when it was much needed by the Red Cross.

I plan to start performing around 3 AM UTC, 8 PM Pacific, 10 PM Central and 11 PM Eastern time,.

The performance will be a name your own price download to be uploaded upon completion to my bandcamp page at

Thank you for listening.