new release: Across a Paper Sky


I have a new release, two long form tracks inspired by the naviar haiku project.

Thanks for listening.


rereleased: Bells for an Imaginary Audience


I have rereleased Bells for an Imaginary Audience on my personal bandcamp site over a year after its initial release on the Ethereal Live label.

My plan is to release the other two volumes making it a trilogy of albums that will be suitable for meditation and relaxation.

this first installation will also be on ITunes, Spotify and amazon soon.

Here’s the download link and thank you for listening.

new release: Scott Lawlor and Harsh Noise Movement – Rage Against Political correctness (split)


Here’s another album, this one a split with a great noise artist, and the notes on the release.

Political correctness is the disease it purports to cure. We’ve become so enamored to curbing our minds, filtering our thoughts, policing our tongues that we’ve forgotten the ability to be independent. Instead we’ve conformed ourselves to a tedious gray-toned existence where the Zombie minds commingle in a self-revolving turnstile of mindless chit-chat that cannot escape the iron law of GroupThink Inc. Ours has become Orwell’s nightmare in inverse relation, rather than Big Brother listening in on our conversations, we have each other to thank. We’ve become victims of our own overzealous rage against the infractions of a thousand years of bigotry, racism, and prejudice so that now we have built walls and fortresses around our minds so that the irrational thoughts of the human animal cannot escape its own belligerent and feral desires. It has caged itself in a merciless and tyrannical hivemind where thought-control is the last order against the anarchy of thought itself. We’ve become the decadent children of an overloaded world of fractionating codes, guided by an algorithmic necessity we now live for better or worse under the tutelage of self-imposed command and control systems where only we are to blame. The Law of Unintended Consequences could not have envisioned a better stepchild. olitical-correctness/

Here’s the download link and thanks for listening. lit

special announcement for netlabel day


for today only, I am offering my entire discography at 90% off. That’s 79 releases for $16.60 in celebration of netlabel day. So go get a diverse collection of ambient, cosmic space, noise, ethereal and dark ambient concept albums for an amazing low price.

Thank you for your support.

new release: Political Correctness and ISIS are malignant cancers undermining all social cultures

Hello. I have a new very dark apocalyptic release available.

Here are the notes on the album followed by the download link.

A month after the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando Florida, (and yes, it was an act of terrorism, not a shooting) I am coming out with a much more

controversial statement regarding the matter.

Though my condolences for those who have been left behind will never fade and though there is a profound sadness in my heart for the condition of our world,

I also feel a rage and fury towards two very distinct and destructive ideologies which I believe to be responsible for the attacks here and abroad, those

being ISIS and political correctness.

This album will certainly offend the hell out of the politically correct crowd but I believe it is about time that this group of people got a rude awakening

because they have twisted and perverted a concept of tolerance and respect into submissive acquiescence and capitulation by surrendering their own beliefs

and values to appease the mob rule of the crowds who will never be satisfied with their efforts to compromise and agree with them on whatever the political

or cultural issue of the day may be.

This album is also a message to the political elitists who have made the world a more dangerous place in which to live because of their absolute refusal

to call out religious extremists for their barbaric attacks on American soil and around the world.

This is a glimpse into a future not too far off, one in which the forces of absolute evil plunder and destroy because there was no one left with courage

to stand for civility and to meet such barbarism with oppositional justice. They were all too timid, too full of fear, too concerned with offending anyone

lest they be met with scorn and derision and as a result, their fragile feelings were more important than their very lives and in the end, the planet was

left decimated and void of human activity. lignant-cancers-undermining-all-social-cultures

As always, thank you for listening.