new Spank Hookers release

Hi. The third in the Spank Hookers project, where I explore more erotic themes by way of noise music, is now out.

This one is called ‘Because They Like it” and you can get it from

The other two are insatiable lust and
SpankingIsThePreferedMethodOfEroticismBySomeHookers available from d-of-eroticism-by-some-hookers

Thanks for listening.


it’s time to offend people but not out of maliciousness


I am about to release my most controversial album ever and this one may make me lose some followers but I figure if an artist isn’t granted license by virtue of worrying about followers, stats and likes, perhaps it’s no longer art for that person but a product.

This album will certainly offend the hell out of the politically correct crowd but I believe it is about time that this group of people got a rude awakening because they have twisted and perverted a concept of tolerance and respect into submissive acquiescence and capitulation by surrendering their own beliefs and values to appease the mob rule of the crowds who will never be satisfied with their efforts to compromise and agree. I don’t want to say much more about the album right now but it’s definitely not my usual cosmic, dark ambient or ethereal ambient work, though it does have a dark ambient track and I don’t know exactly when I’m going to release it, probably at the beginning of July and though the concept was inspired by recent events, the album addresses something more profound like I try to do with the political art that I attempt to produce that I also understand doesn’t have the same following as my neutral material and other conceptualizations based on literature.

Sometimes an artist needs to just go off the path of predictability and follow the muse where it goes, even if those places aren’t always pleasant to the listener, even if they may contradict conventional wisdom regarding a specific topic of political and cultural relevance.

a heavy heart


After hearing about the tragic events in Orlando on twitter yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that I want to help in any small way that I can.

For the rest of June, any album purchased on my bandcamp site, http;:// the full proceeds of that album will be donated to the red cross, a worthy organization who is there when people need them the most.

I usually don’t request that people like, share or retweet information but in this case, I think the request is justifiable and also necessary to get the word out.

I appreciate your support of my music and your generosity to help out where you’re able to.