news of upcoming releases


I wanted to let you know about some upcoming collaborations and releases as well as a couple of projects that recently came out that weren’t on my Bandcamp site.

As you may remember, I recently released an album called Child of Rage, a haunting yet somewhat ethereal dark ambient album based on the 1992 movie of the same name. In the notes of the original release, I mentioned starting the project as a noise album but that I had abandoned that avenue.

after a few weeks and some reconsideration, I decided to do just that and so I came out with “Child of Rage (Noise Edition) on the Harsh Noise Movement label.

Here is the download link for that album which is almost 2 hours in duration.

Sevenism and I, under the project name Nox Intempesta, will shortly be releasing another album in our classical music convolution series, a title that seems appropriate since we mangle and process such compositions into new and sometimes dark soundscapes, the latest of which will be called Archaeoacoustics. This is a little over 5 hours of material created from 4 different compositions from as early as the 7th century and as late as the 12th.

Wings of an Angel and I will be coming out with another collaboration entitled “I No Longer Love Blue skies” to be made available on June 6th of this year. The primary sound source that we started out with for this album was my track called “I No Longer Love Blue skies” released on the Sound4good compilation of the same name back in 2014.

I have also been submitting shorter works, on a weekly basis, to the Naviar Haiku project, found at

and I have a few albums so far that have been titled after some of the past haikus with plans to release more as the year goes on.

Along with all this will be the bimonthly release of additions to the ever-growing Drone Excursion series, some new noise albums under a different project name and more collaborations with Wings of an angel (more to come in a future update).

Thank you for your continued listenership and financial support of my work. I appreciate both more than I can say with words. Have a great weekend.


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