13 and the full moon on tonight’s Blind Flight


Since this is Friday the 13th, I will be playing 11 13 minute tracks and a 26 minute drone that have never been played on the program.

8 of the tracks were composed specifically for this program and are a concept album that I’m calling Lost on a Road in the woods”. I will also be playing other tracks that were created earlier in my career which haven’t been released yet.

I’ll also be playing some music about the moon since it is also a full moon tonight, featuring artists such as Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder, alpha Wave Movement, Shane Morris, Steve Roach, Cousin Silas and Symatic Star, Mystified, pixyblink and m dempsey.

please tune into http://stillstream.fm starting at 12 AM UTC, 5 PM Pacific, 7 central and 8 eastern for 5 hours of unique ambient music.

Thank you for listening.


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