podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for April 22, 2016

EscapedTrees-TheUpperPeople – Childhood


Space Rock- The Compilation – Doug Lynner – Child’s March to Lament


Sonoprint – One Year Walking With Ghosts – The Most Innocent

Songs From A Tomb – Shape Of Underworld – The child of death


The Silent Committee – Staring At The Sea – Broken Dream

Uwe Gronau- Midsummer – Childhood

The Elderbranch Campaign – Soundtracks For Departure – The Ascension Of Dead Children’s Souls


Mike Andrews – Serve Chilled – Brokenhearted

Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Mesmerized By The Sirens – lie broken, bleeding

The Ghost Between The Strings\Hoping For The End Of Hope – Fragments of a Broken Shelter

Psi-Acoustic – Night Session – Midnight Scream

Silas & Friends vol 3 – Cousin Silas and Piper Ben – The Lost Language Of The Innocent


ZreenToyz-Beyond Infinite Corridors of Mental Illness – Infinite Corridors of Broken Memories – Part 1 and 2

https://petroglyphzreentoyz.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/petroglyph176-zreen-toy z-beyond-infinite-corridors-of-mental-illness/

Scott Lawlor – Child of Rage

an evil shadow lurking in the night

out of control rage

Rage That Can Kill

Dark Repose

Uninhabitable Conditions

Pain can give Access to Evil

feeling Tears


Wings Of An Angel – Don’t Trust The Sun – Projecting Clinical Empathy Towards Me Is Like Looking Through A Broken Piece Of Rusty Glass


Wings of an Angel & abb-d – Screaming Silence (The Concept Of Pain) – Why Am I Alone

TouchXTone – Three – Child Mind

ending the year on a high 2014 – Wolfgang Merx and Rhys Anslow – Innocent

https://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/ending-the-year-on-a-high-2014-waa g-com003

Vidna Obmana – Memories Compiled Volume 2 – Forged in Innocence

Ivan Black – Miscellany – The Cruelty And Magic Of Innocence


Ian Haygreen – Shadows in the Dark – Echoes of Innocence


Astral & Shit – songs of Innocence – mother


Sabled Sun – 2145 – Abandoned


Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor – Cold Reading – Brother Fear And Sister Trembling Are Recreating Their Childhood Trauma From Scratch


Occurrences In Rain – Climbing Ladders Into Falling Objects – Lamenting The Loss Of Exploration (Four Broken Ladders)

https://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/climbing-ladders-into-falling-o bjects

Occurrences In Rain – Remembrance Music- – Requiem For Damaged Children


Dave Luxton – Dreams, Ghosts, and Parallel Universes – Ghost of a Small Child


Palancar – Counting Raindrops – The Child Ephemeral


Wings Of An Angel – Revenge Of The Less Powerful – Why Do Your Children Turn Into Such Awful And Merciless Adults-


Wings Of An Angel – Apocalyptic Love Poems For The End Of The World – Sages Often Proclaim That It’s Never Too Late To Love Your Child… They Just Didn’t Take Into Account ‘The End Of The World’ Scenario

https://wingsofanangel.bandcamp.com/album/apocalyptic-love-poems-for-the-end -of-the-world

Jack Hertz – Compilated – Little Wonder


D.N.P – Russia, 1937-1957, the ANSwer – Inside I’m screaming


Ian Haygreen – In Sacred Ruins – Where Abandoned Souls Sleep


You can download this week’s podcast from
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2016-04-22%20The%20blind%20fligh t%20%28to%20our%20children%29.mp3


3 thoughts on “podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

  1. Jim says:

    Navigator, the download anchor link is not formed correctly on this post. You are missing the last line of the path, so my browser only sees :https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2016-04-22%20The%20blind%20fligh and not the entire file path.

  2. gumbydammit223 says:

    Yes, and if you try to concatenate both pieces to make a correct link, you get a 404 error, meaning it’s an invalid Dropbox link.

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