children on this week’s Blind Flight


Since April is Child Abuse prevention month, I thought I’d create a special theme for the program around this very important and relevant topic.

I’ll be playing tracks by artists such as TouchXTone , Wolfgang Merx and Rhys Anslow, Vidna Obmana, Ivan Black , Astral & Shit , Sabled Sun , Occurrences In Rain , Dave Luxton , Palancar , Wings Of An Angel , Jack Hertz , D.N.P , Ian Haygreen, Psi-Acoustic, ZreenToyz , Cousin Silas and Piper Ben , The Ghost Between The Strings, Black Tape For A Blue Girl , Mike Andrews, The Elderbranch Campaign, Uwe Gronau, The Silent Committee, Songs From A Tomb, Sonoprint, Doug Lynner , EscapedTrees and the feature cd of the week is my brand new release called Child of Rage.

Please tune into starting at midnight UTC, 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM central and 8 PM Eastern for 5 hours of unique ambient music.

Thank you for listening.


One thought on “children on this week’s Blind Flight

  1. rooboo bud says:

    hey, great set! my friends and i really enjoyed it

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