no podcast of this week’s Blind Flight


Due to some technical difficulties which involved having to reinstall my broadcast setup during the program, it is technically impossible for me to create a coherent archive out of what was saved to disk.

However, here is the playlist with download links to most of the material presented on last night’s program.

The Blind Flight for March 11, 2016

Joe McMahon – erase – ViolaFogbounda.Dvok

Wings of an Angel – The Narratives We Didn’t Have The Courage To Explore (unreleased)

Ian Haygreen – Handelian Spatial Architecture – HSA2

Scott Lawlor – Send thee help from the sanctuary

sevenism – Compositions – Occlusions I – Beethoven – Piano Sonata no. 26 in E flat ‘Les adieux’, Op. 81a – II. Abwesendheit (Andante Espressivo) (remix 3)

nox intempesta – Quercu

tempestate part 1 (Quercu)

tempestate Part 2 (Chorus ex Ventus)


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