potential new drone series coming to bandcamp


I’ve come up with a new concept to work on.

40 drones for the 40 days of Lent to be made available on my bandcamp page.

though I think I’ll do these with no artwork, a bit unusual but here’s why. This is a personal project as well as musical and it will begin the night of Ash Wednesday and run until Easter. I’m thinking of calling the series Drones for Lent but that sounds too generic. I also need to cut down on snacking at night so if I commit to making music during the time of night when I’m most likely to indulge in this activity, my hope is that the habit will be broken and you’ll get some cool drones in the process. A win win situation for my health and the people who listen to my music and take their own sonic journeys.

The reason for not doing artwork is twofold. First it would be difficult to get artwork for each of the 40 drones, especially on such short notice, and second, without artwork, the listeners imagination isn’t influenced at all with regards to whatever musical experience he or she might gain from such a project.


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