new release: The Vega Chronicles, Series 1


I am super excited to announce the release of a project that has been in the works for a good 18 months or so from conception to release.

In the far distant future, a select group of people begin having strange dreams and visions of a distant alien culture. In the night sky they see a faint flickering glow, the last great gasp of a collapsing star, Vega. As the glow weakens, the visions and dreams multiply, compelling some of the people to use sound to transcribe these visions and share them with others.

Years before, on a small planet orbiting the star of Vega, the sentient inhabitants had evolved to be able to communicate vast distances through a form of telepathy. Discovering Vega would soon destroy the only home they knew, the best astronomers of their civilization searched the heavens and located a few other beings who would be able to receive these telepathic transmissions. The civilization gathered the most talented, learned, and wise teachers, historians, and artists to transmit the history of the planet; from its distant past to the turbulent present before the dying star consumed their world. The only hope for their race to be remembered was if an alien species could understand, translate, and share this cultural archive with others. This was the last and best chance for them to be able to say "we were here".

My most heartfelt thanks go out to all of the collaborators you’ll be hearing over the next 6 months who put hours of work into this project and for helping me realize what I hope you’ll find to be an interesting concept.

Special thanks to Bill Helms who designed the covers and who is managing the page for this set of special releases.

Thanks for listening.


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