podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for January 1, 2016

fellirium – reflections


Broekhuis, Keller, Schönwälder – Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen\01 the beginning

Dweller At The Threshold – Ourobourus – Resolution

Todd Peck – Shadows & Reflection – Reflections


Album In A Day volume 3 – 13 August 2011 – CrystalDreams-NewBeginnings

Cousin Silas – Uncertainty – A Moment of Reflection

Magnetic Wind – 11 – Beginning


ExoticModulationSky – In The Semi-Underground Cafe – Inner Reflection

Stephen Briggs – New Beginnings


ambienteer – hiemal – new year’s day


Steve Brand – She Covers The Sky – Beginning of a New Phase, Restoration

Mister_Vapor-It_Came_From_Vapor – One Resolution


Collin Thomas – Songs for Struggle – Hopeful Beginnings

Scott Lawlor – ambient Impulse

Dan Pound – Reflections

David Tagg – Skin Diagram – Playful Beginnings

Kevin Fletcher Tweedy – Explorations – Reflections Before a Journey

Phrozenlight – Years ending – Happy New Year

Bing Satellites – All The Right Notes volume one – In The Beginning


Ken Elkinson – Music For Commuting 2 – Resolution

Erik Wøllo – Images Of Light – Reflections

ambienteer – luminous – the end is just the beginning


You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2016-01-01%20The%20blind%20flight.mp3


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