upcoming plans for 2016


I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

January 1st has already seen the release of my first collaboration with Wings of an Angel as well as my summary of musical activities over the previous year.

To begin, I would like to thank you for supporting my work whether through listening, purchasing albums, commenting on soundcloud tracks as well as bandcamp releases or all of the above.

I am also announcing a small change to my albums on bandcamp. I have decided to charge a nominal fee for the music for a couple of reasons.

First, this will enable me to further support artists that I myself enjoy as well as to support other collaborative partners in the creation of their solo work.

second, I think having a set price for a product will give the listener the very real perception of added value to the work in a way and I’ve seen threads about this over the years, that there’s this perception that if your work is free, it doesn’t have the same perceived value in the mind of the consumer as a product that may cost a specific monitary amount and that free is equated with poorly produced or not so well executed concepts, both perceptions can diminish the experience of the overall product and in the world of ambient where perception, imagination and a mental journey are all key components of that experience, my thinking is that those negative perceptions can impede the potential experience of a listener.

I won’t be charging a lot for my releases though it’s not a set price. Double albums and box sets (using those terms figuratively: as it’s all digital downloads anyway) will cost a little more as they do take more time and work to complete.

I’m going to rerelease Dark Flow on my personal bandcamp site after it’s been on the 45 echoes sounds label for over a year.

My reasoning for this is, since I released Journey to the bootes void, I felt that Dark flow was a predecessor to that album in a lot of ways, a prequel, if you will: and so I felt that the two releases belonged on the same site.

As a result of this decision, I’m planning on recording an extra 75 minute expansive track for the Dark Flow release, a track that is a Segway between the two albums, the working title of which will be The gateway to the void.

I’m also working on a third album in the series, a 7.5 hour album that I’m calling Beyond the Bootes Void, though I may change the title at some point.

Also, for 2016, I have a huge set of albums coming out between January and June, a 24 disc set called the Vega Chronicles.

This project has taken around a year and a half to complete with a lot of hard work and dedication from many collaborating artists such as Bill Helms, who has also overseen the artwork as well as the bandcamp site for this specialized concept, Ian Haygreen, Mike Hobson, Cousin Silas, Windspace, MetaDronos, Cousin Silas, Phrozenlight and a whole host of other ambient artists who have made this collection an astounding journey that I’m hopeful you will also enjoy.

the collaborating artists and I have decided that the albums in this project will all be free downloads and each month from January through June, a set of 4 1 hour releases will be made available for download on a specific bandcamp site, just for this project.

Please keep an eye on this space for further details about these releases and the artists who have participated in this very unique project.

I am also planning to continue releasing installations of my Drone Excursion series as well as other solo works and collaborative efforts with Wings of an Angel, the Gateless Gate, and many other artists.

Jack Hertz and I will be releasing Divina Comedia III (Nine Spheres) in January on the magnificent Aural Films label and I also have a sprawling 3.5 hour conceptual release with MetaDronos planned for release on that same label later in the year.

I am also planning to release a Christmas album at the end of 2016 but it will be very different from the one I released in 2015. The working title is "Dark Nativity" so you can imagine, already, how much darker it will be.

Oh, and I can’t forget that a Halloween album will be out as well, details to follow later in the year regarding the concept and title.

And finally, as usual, I plan to submit tracks to various compilations that may come about over the next 12 months as well as continuing my live performances on stillstream.fm.

All that should make for quite a busy 2016 musically, something that always seems to be the case with me throughout the short history of my hobby of recording as an ambient artist.

I wish you all a very happy 2016 and many amazing sonic journeys throughout the year.


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