summary of musical activity for 2015


It has been another prolific and productive year for ambient music making for me and I would like to give my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the collaborators and internet label curators, without whom, a lot of titles on this list wouldn’t have been realized.

My sincere thanks to Thomas Mathie of Weareallghosts, Bing Satellites of BFW Recordings, Jack Hertz of Sound For Good and Aural Films, (who is also a great collaborator), John Tocher of Buddhist on Fire, Nobbi (glasklinge zeitenlicht) of the Midnight Radio Compilation series and Rune Martinsen and Oystein Jorgensen of Petroglyph, (who have been and will be collaborators in 2016).

I’d also like to thank Wings of an Angel, The Gateless Gate, Rebekkah Hilgraves, Sevenism, MetaDronos, December Nightskies, and Graham Mcarthur for the amount of magnificent collaborating that was able to occur over the last 12 months.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to the various dj’s who have played my music on their programs.

Music with Space:

Night tides:


At Water’s edge:


Cosmic Debris:

Drone Zone:

Altered State:

Sounds in the Dark:

About a Duck and a Tree:

And finally, I’d like to thank you, the listener who gives your attention to my music. I thank you for your support.

And now, the list, starting with tracks for various artists compilations, then collaborations and finally, solo efforts.

Various artists Compilations:


for whom the Bells Toll on Christmas Day

ORCHID [eM Compilation 2015]

Endless Moon


the Haunted Burial ground of an abandoned Western GhostTown


beauty in irrepressible melancholy


Wandering through a Multi-cultural Street Fair in a Psychedelic Trance

SpaceRock II: The Return to Space

Time Origin Agency with Wings of an Angel


Folding Space

Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 5

Nothing In This World Is Ever Final and The Things I Couldn’t Tell You with Wings of an Angel

Verba mortuum with MetaDronos

Chasm of Emptiness and Set the controls for the Heart of NGC3982 with Graham Mcarthur

nox intempesta : I have seen the Heart of God and Poltergeists meandering through Subterranean Spaces

elegy to a silent late-night movie and world of Phantoms


What if you couldn’t tell the difference between Reality and Reality TV


let’s not commit the sin of turning our back on time

Dark Amvient vol. 10

Into the Deepness of the Earth with Uzbazur345


adagio for grief and regret


the demise of a baby doll which was a substitution for a miscarried soul


Final Exit


blind ghosts on a roller coaster plummeting into the outer darkness


Tangential to Event Horizon

New Horizons: Pluto Flyby Soundtracks

Riding the Space Currents to Pluto

New Horizons: Pluto Flyby Soundtracks

The Pluto Suite with Wings Of An Angel


Meditations of a Sinister Heart

Legacy and Evolution: A Tribute to Edgar Froese

Dreaming the Timeless Dream

Silas & Friends vol 4

Cousin Silas & Scott Lawlor – Hiding Place


Unquiet Spirits roaming the Catacombs excerpt

Love Nepal

And the Mountains Shall be Molten

this music plants trees

the ghosts of Chernobyl eternally wandering the dead city of Pripyat

this music plants trees

Earth’s Siren Song with Wings Of An Angel


the Melancholy of Thelxiepeia


the transcendental dream of an exiled goblin

Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 4

Interlude and Peine forte et dure

Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 4

Active Cerebral Malfunction with metadronos

ending the year on a high 2014 (waag_com003)

Night Terrors in the darkness of Space; (a Tribute to H.R. Giger)

New Years Darkness

The Hollow

Colaborative efforts:

Tributum with nox intempesta

The Fog with Rebekkah Hilgraves

mundi phantasmata with nox intempesta

Cold Reading with Wings of an Angel

Night with December Nightskies

Vatnajökull with December Nightskies

TheJudgementOfSatanExtendedRemix with December Nightskies

Dark Universe with December Nightskies

Arcana with December Nightskies

The Judgement of Satan with December Nightskies

The Distance Between Stars with December Nightskies

Celestial Bodies with December Nightskies

Natural Satellite with December Nightskies

Rings Of Saturn with December Nightskies

the haunted Lucid Nightmare of a Stargazer with December Nightskies

The First Day of Rain with December Nightskies

Lava with December Nightskies

The Coma Experiment with December Nightskies

Polar Night on Titan with Dronny Darko

Dronescapes with December Nightskies

Ancient Ocean with the Gateless Gate

Divina Commedia II- Seven Terraces with Jack Hertz

Recollecting the Snow with Rebekkah Hilgraves

The Next Dimension with Oystein Jorgensen

Solo albums:

Yule Tidings

drone excursion 012 (flowers of ice crystals)

Could it be that We have Forgotten How to Love

drone excursion 011 (Quiet Convergence)

Dreaming of the Supermoon

drone excursion 010 (Into the Mystical Desert)

A Halo of Dark Icy Worlds

Journey Through the Boötes void

Drone Excursion 009 (Suspension of Time)

he thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts—he-thrusts-his-fists-against-the-posts-and-still-insists-he-sees-the-ghosts

Seven Last Words

Drone Excursion 008 (Into the Mystic Void)

Bells for an Imaginary Audience

The Ambient Appliance Series 2 spin drone

Drone Excursion 007 (into the furnace)

world of Ice and Snow


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