the annual Christmas program on the Blind Flight


I hope all of you are having a merry and joyous Christmas and in the spirit of the season I am going to broadcast my annual Christmas show.

I’ll be playing music by artists such as Cousin Silas, Bing Satellites, Shane Morris, Magnetic Wind, Erik Wøllo, Mystified, Tim Kays, Lucette Bourdin, Altus, Stephen Briggs, Ambienteer, Phillip Wilkerson, Ian Haygreen, The Ambient Visitor, Last Nights of Paris, Bunk Data, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Phrozenlight , Forrest Fang , Elizabeth Veldon, Crystal Dreams, Gregg Plummer, Negative Spectrum, Georgina Brett, The Implicit Order, Rune Martinsen & Oystein Jorgensen, pixyblink, Jeff Sampson and a live performance by your host.

Please note that this program will not be made available as a podcast per my agreement with the Project record label.

I hope you can join me for a festive blind flight and the final show for 2015 tonight, starting at a special time of 7 PM central time on

Thanks for listening.


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