the annual Christmas program on the Blind Flight


I hope all of you are having a merry and joyous Christmas and in the spirit of the season I am going to broadcast my annual Christmas show.

I’ll be playing music by artists such as Cousin Silas, Bing Satellites, Shane Morris, Magnetic Wind, Erik Wøllo, Mystified, Tim Kays, Lucette Bourdin, Altus, Stephen Briggs, Ambienteer, Phillip Wilkerson, Ian Haygreen, The Ambient Visitor, Last Nights of Paris, Bunk Data, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Phrozenlight , Forrest Fang , Elizabeth Veldon, Crystal Dreams, Gregg Plummer, Negative Spectrum, Georgina Brett, The Implicit Order, Rune Martinsen & Oystein Jorgensen, pixyblink, Jeff Sampson and a live performance by your host.

Please note that this program will not be made available as a podcast per my agreement with the Project record label.

I hope you can join me for a festive blind flight and the final show for 2015 tonight, starting at a special time of 7 PM central time on

Thanks for listening.


podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for December 18, 2015

Louigi Verona – Another Reality – North Pole

Conni St. Pierre – Mountain Spirits – Snowfields

Cousin Silas – Uncertainty – Late Evening Snow

Spheric Lounge – Session 84 06.12.2007 – Snow

Bolander – Consistent Irritation – Winter 1973

Sara Ayers – Organica – Winter and the Sound of Nothing

Crystal Dreams – Iceberg – Winter Ice

netherworld – mørketid – north pole

NETHERWORLD – Alchemy of Ice – Alchemy of Snow

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2012\09 – Jack Hertz – Winter Breeze

Album In A Day volume 6 – 25 May 2013\27 – Jack Hertz – Garden of Icebergs

Altocumulus – Gothick Winter

Juta Takahashi – The Door Into Winter

Scott Lawlor – ambient Impulse

Bing Satellites – Fifteen Below

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2011 – Bing Satellites – Through The Snow


Altus – Winter Embrace II

Ugasanie – White Silence – Permafrost

Mystified – Eschate Thule – Deep in the Tundra

Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves


The One Hundredth Name of Snow

Tangram – Repository -001 – Footprints in the Snow

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Winter on a special extended Blind Flight


this week, I will be presenting a special extended edition of the program: 5 hours of chilly winter ambience by such artists as Bing Satellites, ALTOCIRRUS, Louigi Verona, Conni St. Pierre, Bolander, Sara Ayers, Altocumulus, Ugasanie, Tangram, Juta Takahashi, Mystified, Jack Hertz, netherworld, Lucette Bourdin, Cousin Silas, Spheric Lounge, Crystal Dreams, a special ambient impulse by your host and the feature cd of the week is Winter Embrace II by Altus.

please join me at a special time: 7 PM Central on for some of the most chilled music you’ll hear during these cold winter months.

Thank you for listening.

a change to the Blind Flight

Hi there.

From here on out, I’m no longer going to do a best of the previous year at the beginning of the new year for the Blind flight. Every other broadcaster does those best of specials so I’m going to try to come up with a different concept to start out each new calendar year on the Blind Flight. Besides, there is always so much good music out there that, for me, it gets almost impossible for me to come up with playlists that are a good representation of all that was great for the previous year.

Since the first show of 2016 is on new year’s night, I might just decide to play live performances by various artists that were done in the month of January, regardless of what the year is.

A special note about the next two programs.

since there is so much fantastic Winter ambient and Christmas music out there, the next two shows will be extended, 4, maybe even 5 hours each. I’ll let you know for sure.

Since I am playing stuff from the project label for the Christmas program, per my agreement with them, that particular show will not be made available as a downloadable podcast.

I’ll announce that again in the show blog post and even put an audio disclaimer at the beginning of the show to indicate such.

I’ve got two more big posts planned for this year, my summary of musical activity for 2015 and a post about what 2016 will be like for me regarding different musical endeavors.

I hope you all are doing well.

podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for November 11, 2015

Scott Lawlor – ambientImpulse

Peter Kater – Rooftops – Waiting For The Sky

Simon Slator – Spero



Stephen Briggs – We Wait for the Light

Phillip Wilkerson – Sojourner – The Awaiting Presence

Altus-Black Trees Among Amber Skies – Waiting For The Cover Of White


ambienteer – into october – waiting

Jarguna – Waiting For A Call From The Unknown Part 1

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this week’s Blind Flight


On this week’s edition of the Blind Flight, we reflect on waiting as we observe, in part, the season of Advent and play some tracks composed especially for this special time of anticipation.

You’ll be hearing tracks by such ambient artists as Jarguna , ambienteer , Altus, Stephen Briggs , Simon Slator , Peter Kater , Phillip Wilkerson and a live ambient impulse by your host.

Please tune into at 9 PM central time tonight for three hours of unique ambient music.

Thank you for listening.