podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for November 27, 2015

cinchel – A House Once Lived That Never Was

its finally warm again, but sometimes it still snows

tulip bulbs breaking ground in the garden outside

porch swings

sunlight, windows, sleeping cats

rain floods, harsh sounds

summer solstice picnic in the field out back

cat bats at the curtain as it billows in the breeze

filling up the wading pool, playing outside all day

camping out in the backyard

just sitting on the porch

saying goodbye from the driveway as the school bus comes

drinking the last of the sun-tea and watching the leaves begin to change

first apple pie from the oven and the kitchen smells wonderful again

all the rooms are quiet

cat asleep on the windowsill

sitting in the rocking chair reading a good book

preparing for guests we dust off the mantle and make room for the fold out bed

after the big meal we sit around and remember

hiding Christmas gifts under the stairs and in the closets

falling asleep in the big blanket, waking up with snow falling outside the bedroom window

drinking tea on the couch, staving off a fever

that sound the radiators make

the tea kettle whistles while we watch the last embers in the fireplace

the windows barely keep out the cold, sealed against the wind and the ice

we had to move out but hopefully the next owners treated it nicely


Paul Avgerinos – Bliss – Flowering Of Grace


Peter Kater – The Fool and the Hummingbird – Procession of Clouds


Kathryn Kaye – Dreaming Still – Waiting for the Rain


Escape Philosophy – A Towering Achievement of Indescribable Beauty – Where Abundance Lies


Leigh Ann Phillips – Dawn Mountain – Moon Willow


Claire Fitch – Ambiencellist Part II – Full Cycle


Michael Dulin – The One I Waited For – By the Fire


Marcel Pequel – The 12 Months – November


Tom Powell – Dissolve – November


Josh Johnston – The Shape of Things – A Light in the Dark of Night


Tom Caufield – Nature and the Constant Illusion – Frost on an Empty Field


Tom Caufield – Tales from the Winde dark sea – The Ways We Miss Our Lives Is Life


Evan Wish – Forget-Me-Not, Blue – Angels Are Near


Marc Enfroy – Dreams of the Forest – Pines in the Mist


Paul Adams – Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds – Stillness of the Day


Robert Linton – Throughout the Autumn Light – Moments of Reverie


Robert Rich – Open Window – Parting Clouds


You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2015-11-27%20The%20blind%20flight%20%28the%20after-thanksgiving%20special%29.mp3

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