standing in solidarity


I’m planning on doing a special live ambient performance after Grove of Whispers tonight at 11 PM central time on to express my solidarity in standing with the victims of the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday as well at those suffering from atrocities in regions like Beirut, Baghdad, and Syria. I don’t know how long I’ll play and that’s to be expected for an ambient impulse.

Music is the universal language we can all understand so to that end, I want to do my small part in being a contributor along with other people who may be using that same vehicle to express their own voices of solidarity during this most difficult time. I hope you can tune in for this performance as we come together in a time of grief and darkness to discover that we can be a force of good and light, to lend our own individual voices to the cause of peace and tranquility to a world that, more than ever, is in such desperate need of both.

Thank you for listening.


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