another radio Silas edition on the Blind Flight


I am honored once again to feature a show dedicated completely to the music of Cousin Silas.

On this, the third excursion into his work via radio Silas, I am going to feature tracks from The Shipping Forecast, Portraits & Peelings, liliput, The Path Between The Trees, The place it used to be, The Sound of Silas and I’ll play his 100th album called Quiet Afternoons.

Please tune into starting at 9 tonight for this special edition of the Blind Flight.

Thanks for listening.


podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for July 24, 2015

New Horizons- Pluto Flyby Soundtracks

Michael Brückner – Transpluto

Sean McCarthy – The Morphial Effect Pluto Version

Graham McArthur – Kuiper’s Belt

the inner cinema\SovereignsOfIce- Chaotic Rotations

Mathias Grassow – Dissolution – Pluto

New Horizons- Pluto Flyby Soundtracks – Wings of an Angel and Scott Lawlor – The Pluto Suite

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podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for July 17, 2015

Voyager; Audio Log – PLUTO, Frozen At -235c

Spheric Lounge – Session 10 06.03.2005 – Pluto.mp3

New Horizons- Pluto Flyby Soundtracks

Mystified – SubZero Flyby

Christian Fiesel – Pluto And Beyond

Jack Hertz – Reaching Pluto

Brother Saturn – Tales of Space Exploration 1-8 – Searching For Pluto.mp3

Roy Mattson with Mystified – Pluto and Charon – Pluto

Paul Summerlin – Journey Into Disintegration – Pluto’s Approach

the ambient visitor – One – Pluto

Lily Pond Orchestra – Pluto’s Melancholy … Music From a Dismissed Planet – The Long Way Home

Scott Lawlor – a Halo of Dark Icy Worlds

On the doorstep of the Pluto System.mp3

Shifting Gravitational Field

the Darkness of Kerberos

Chaotic Rotators

Approaching Hydra

To Encounter Potential Target 1

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the Pluto flyby on tonight’s Blind Flight


On tonight’s program, I am going to play tracks about Pluto to celebrate the historic flyby of this mysterious world by NASA on July 14th of this year.

This will most likely be a two part program so this week I’ll be featuring tracks by Mystified, Jack Hertz, The Ambient Visitor, Lilly Pond Orchestra, Brother Saturn, Spheric Lounge, your host and other ambient artists who have been inspired by the most distant world we know about in our solar system.

Please tune into at 9 PM central for three hours of icy ambience reflecting the fascination with a world we’re just now learning a lot more about.

Thank you for listening.

new release: A Halo of Dark Icy Worlds


I have just released this album as a tribute to the Pluto flyby event that has generated so much enthusiasm and excitement around the world. This has been a phenomenal day for NASA and its scientists and other personnel who were so important in the realization of this dream, to encounter Pluto in an historical close encounter that has captured the imagination of millions.

Thank you for listening and for your continued support of my music.