the Blind Flight is still on route


After some minor turbulence and quite a scary adjustment in altitude for a lot of the passengers, the course is set once again for journeys from your mind to the outer edges of the galactic realms.

There is a pretty major change coming to the show and that’s what I’d like to talk to you about today.

After doing some soul searching, I had to ask myself what it was about the show that I didn’t like anymore?

After hearing comments from people who were saddened at the prospect of the program coming to an end, and hearing how people enjoyed my selections of music, I felt a bit more validated and for me, that’s an important thing.

still, with a hobby, the motive cannot be based on external validation as much as it is meaningful to the person, the will to do the hobby has to come from a sense of personal enjoyment.

All that, to say this.

The element of the program that I haven’t enjoyed for some time has been the voice breaks and this brought me to a bit of a dilemma.

To a lot of people from my generation, a radio show has voice breaks and the like to differentiate it from just a jukebox of songs so-to-speak. After all, anyone can go into iTunes or winamp and create a playlist of their favorite tracks and play that. with some types of music, I think this is true, especially with genres that are pretty popular and since people are bound to have a lot of the hits from artists in those types of music, a country or a rock show without voice breaks wouldn’t really be a show at all.

But we’re talking about ambient, a genre that, though it is gaining some momentum among a specific fan base, it’s not the popular genre that your neighbor down the street is likely to know, though, again, there are exceptions. With the Blind Flight, the focus has always been on the music and I’ve always tried to bring the audience opportunities to discover new music by a lot of artists under the radar, though I also give airplay to the more famous ambient artists. It’s the music that people want to hear so I’m just going to focus on that more.

My reason for not enjoying the voice breaks stems from having to talk all day, every day to the kids, and the volume of that talk has quite a wide range, depending on the behavior of the moment. Those of you who had or have children will understand what I’m saying.

As a result, the last thing I want to do after they get in bed is talk to anyone by voice. some nights are worse than others as most things in life but I figured out that it was the talking I didn’t like doing. I love to interact with the audience but just from behind the keyboard so now the show will have the usual intro, and an outro where I’ll run down everything that was played during the three hours of the broadcast. Since a lot of you probably know that hearts of space was a primary inspiration for the show, using this format seems to be a good way for me to continue the hobby that I have enjoyed and hope to continue to enjoy for many years in the future.


3 thoughts on “the Blind Flight is still on route

  1. Zombie Joes says:

    YAY! Mimic Hearts of Space program – Intro, Music, Outro includes everything you just listened to!
    Your show has always been about “opportunities to discover new music” for me and every direction you steered me brought new and fascinating ambient tunes to my life.
    This includes the music YOU MAKE SCOTT! A quick search of my smaller library on my laptop’s SSD brought forth lots of my favorite new music:
    Fog Music 4, Dark Flow, Jupiters Cyclone and Three Moons all involved YOU!
    Thank you for once again for morphing the show into a new shape I’m sure we will all love.

  2. JTron says:

    Thank you for continuing the show!

  3. GumbyDammit says:

    I am very happy you decided to continue producing your show! As much as I was disappointed to hear and read about your decision to stop, I respected your decision. That being said, thank you for refueling the Flight for another trip!! I hope the new format works better for you and am looking forward to hearing more great music!

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