24 things that make me happy


I got this idea from a friend’s blog I follow:


I couldn’t come up with 50 so here are the 24 things that make me happy, even though a couple of them haven’t happened in a very long time.

having a cup of coffee in the morning

quiet time

having lunch or dinner out with a friend or a loved one

working on a new ambient album, especially if it’s a concept record

walking on the beach with a friend or loved one

hearing the waves of the ocean

hearing crickets

getting a text from a friend

hearing my children laugh

taking a long relaxing shower

watching old comedy reruns of my favorite TV shows

hearing train whistles, especially in the distance

walking on the greenbelt that runs between two of our lakes

having a cup of coffee when it’s quiet (I combined those two activities because, since it so rarely occurs that way, it qualifies as a separate entry)

tickling the children

playing scrabble

playing hide and seek with the children

having a glass of wine at night after the kids go to bed (even though on some days, it’s necessary, it doesn’t negate the happiness of the activity)

taking a vacation to see friends

going out for ice cream with the family

eating lunch with my daughter

playing piano

hearing the snow crunch underfoot

listening to soft rains and distant thunder

I’m interested to read the lists of others so if you’d like to leave links in the comment section, that would be great.


new release: Divina Commedia II- Seven Terraces with Jack Hertz


I am excited to announce the second installment in the Dante trilogy with Jack Hertz, an album called Seven Terraces.

You can read about and download it at the following link.


Thanks for listening.

podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for April 24, 2015

This Music Plants Trees

Wolfgang Gsell – Day Of The Earth.mp3

Christopher Alvarado – Inner Incantation

Peter DiPhillips – Mageroya

Jack Hertz – Harmonic Flow

Annemarie Borg – Earth Lament April 2015

Michael Meara – From A Seed

Stephen Briggs – 7 Days

Another Neglected Hobby – Felled

Ari Porki – Above the rainy clouds

EugeneKha & West Remi – New Terra

Kevin Lyons & Cousin Silas – Funeral On Io With Magellan Sunrise

metlay! – Fade to Green

Tim Kays – Communion by the Brook

Wings Of An Angel & Scott Lawlor – Earth’s Siren Song

Oystein Jorgensen – Sorrow

Christian Fiesel – Save The Trees

Daniel Robert Lahey – Hibernation’s End (thing 106)


You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2015-04-24%20The%20blind%20flight.mp3

celebrating Earth day on tonight’s Blind Flight


Sure it’s a few days late but on tonight’s program, we celebrate the earth and the importance of trees by featuring works from a brand new compilation that was just released on the sound4good label. The album is called "This music plants trees and it has already had an amazing number of downloads.

Tonight, I am going to be playing tracks by Wolfgang Gsell, Christopher Alvarado, Peter DiPhillips, Jack Hertz, Annemarie Borg, Michael Meara, Stephen Briggs, Another Neglected Hobby, Ari Porki, EugeneKha & West Remi, Kevin Lyons & Cousin Silas, metlay!, Tim Kays, Wings Of An Angel & Scott Lawlor, Oystein Jorgensen, Christian Fiesel and Daniel Robert Lahey.

Please join me at 9 PM central for three hours of unite ambient music written to help plant trees for the environment on www.stillstream.fm/

Thanks for listening.

two new tracks available


I am honored to have two new tracks released on the compilation for Earth day 2015 on the sound4good label.

The first track is a solo effort entitled the ghosts of Chernobyl eternally wandering the dead city of Pripyat and was composed exclusively of shortwave radio broadcasts.

The second track is a collaboration with Wings Of An Angel and is called Earth’s Siren Song.

You can get this outstanding collection of over 150 tracks from the following link.


Thanks as always for listening.