another review of my Neptune cd


I’d like to thank John of Hypnagogue for the in-depth review of my Neptune album.

Here’s the link.


podcast of this week’s blind flight

The Blind Flight for March 13, 2015

Numina & Stephen Philips – From Within The Abyss – Alteration of Time

Sara Ayers – Ambient Collaborations – Sara Ayers and Mindspawn – Fog

UlisesLabaronnie_OysteinJorgensen-Saturn [petroglyph258] – Alexandria Frost

Ajna_Massergy-BeyondTheAbyssalPlains [petroglyph204]_-_Ajna_Massergy_-_Beyond_The_Abyssal_Plains_II

weareallghosts\Cousin Silas & David Gerard – Cousin Silas David Gerard (waag_rel065)7 The Aural Foundry

DarkWinter\Ka-baalim&Bunk_Data-The_Insomniati_One [dw038] – Sight of another’s sorrow

Shane Morris and Scott Lawlor – The Path to the Gods1 The Path to the Gods

CryogenicWeekend-EmbracingArcticWaters [petroglyph197] – Absorbed_Radio_Waves

33 Tetragammon and Human Metronome – Resonating Earth1 – Resonating Earth ~ Solar Eclipse

Jarguna, Uzbazur345 – Oscure Presenze [bof-047] – Sine Lumine—oscure-presenze/

You can download this week’s podcast from

tonight’s Blind Flight


On this week’s edition of the blind flight, I will be featuring collaborative works by Stephen Philips and Numina, Sara Ayers and Mindspawn, Ulises Labaronnie & Oystein Jorgensen, Ajna & Massergy, Cousin Silas & David Gerard, Ka-baalim & Bunk Data, Shane Morris and Scott Lawlor, Jarguna & Uzbazur345, 33 Tetragammon and Human Metronome and Cryogenic Weekend.

I hope you’ll be able to listen to the program starting at 9 PM central time on