new release: Drone Excursion 008


The newest drone excursion is now available.

Here are the notes and the download link.

Special thanks to Geoff Small for uploading this to bandcamp for me.

This, the 8th in the Drone Excursion series, was inspired partly by the Magnificent Void by Steve Roach and was originally a shorter track which appeared on a compilation on the nostress label in early 2014.

My friend Travis Butler offered to give some thoughts on the music you are about to hear and I thank him for the kind words about this drone Excursion.

"There is a space within us all that echoes our thoughts, feelings, and is a place that we can look forward to inhabiting, can fill us full of dread, or both. Good drone music lets us accomplish all of the above. If there is any guidance, it is gently done. Scott Lawlor’s long form drones are a prime example of how rewarding a slow moving trip into the somewhat strange and unexplored regions of your inner being can be. In this latest installment of the Drone Excursion series, called The Mystic Void, we are invited on a trip into the mysterious, where darkness and light dwell together, creating a feeling of beauty and mysticism. Close your eyes, put on the headphones, relax and let this truly magnificent piece take you on a trip through your mind, on a journey through the dark and into the light. You will be greatly rewarded."

As always, thank you for listening.


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