new release: The Ambient Appliance Series 2 spin drone


I’m happy to announce another release called Spin Drone.

Here are the notes and the link to the album.

I’d like to thank Rune Martinsen and Oystein Jorgensen of the petroglyph label for releasing the second in this more experimental series.

"In 2013, we got a new washer and dryer and so I decided to create another ambient appliance installation with the washing machine.
It started out as just being the spin cycle, thus the name of the track, "Spin drone" but as I listened back to the recording,
I decided that it needed more elements from the different cycles of the appliance to make it a little more interesting.
I recorded the sound of the washer filling with water, well as much as these environmentally friendly machines do that anyway,
as well as other noises the appliance makes in its lengthy cycle utilized to clean the laundry."

Thanks for listening.


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