the ambient online 4 compilation, part 1 on tonight’s blind flight


Over the next 5 weeks, taking a break for the week of April 3rd which is good Friday for an Easter special, I will be devoting several programs to playing the entirety of the brand new ambient online volume 4 compilation.

This features music from a great many artists as you can imagine and has a running time of 12 hours and 49 minutes and is comprised of 88 tracks.

In part one of this 4 part special, I’ll be featuring tracks by The Atlas Ghost, Ajna & Massergy, Ascendant, SiJ, Beneath a Tree That Died, Darkened Pines, Ambientsketchbook, Jim & Jillian Graham, Hwanho Lee, Dying Bees, Imi Fal & Wolves and Horses, Windspace, ontol, Night Note, Synthetic Aurality, Loose Link & Off Land, Ajna, Dave Dorgan, Graham McArthur, Baxter Tocher, D.N.P and Canis Arboris.

I hope you’ll be able to join me at 9 PM central time tonight on for a program featuring some of the top ambient artists in the field today.

Thanks for listening.


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