tonight’s Blind Flight


After doing 4 shows reviewing the year of 2014, it’s time to catch up to the present and play music that has been released in this calendar year, though the year has hardly begun, there is already a great deal of amazing sonic material that has been made available. So, to that end, I present looking ahead to 2015 where I will feature, over the next three weeks, a brand new cd which is called Nachtgedanken by Earlyguard. This is a 3 part suite of tracks which are all around 45 to 50 minutes long and I will play one track a week along with other tracks by such artists as Metadronos, Negative Spectrum, The Elderbranch Campaign, Drone Machine, Cousin Silas, Ian Haygreen and a track by your host.

I hope you’ll tune into the program starting at 9 PM central time and take a sonic glimpse of what the year has to offer in ambient music thus far on

Thanks for listening.


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