podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for January 30, 2014

Ambient Online Compilation- Volume 3

Ascendant – Outlets of the Sky


Enter The Twilight Zone

Kinematik VKE – Sight, Sound, Mind, And The Fissures Between

Rune Martinsen – The Fear

Ron Shayler – Sunlight and Serenity

Peter Davidson – Grand Theft Saucer- Third From The Sun 1960

Peter DiPhillips – I Hum the Body Electric


Shoemaker Levy 9 Commemoration

Fabio Keiner – Entire Worlds Ignore Us

Cloudwalk – Jupiter’s Gravity Fragments the Comet

Meho – Before The Impact


I No Longer Love Blue Skies

Playman54 – Shadows Passing Darkly

Ian Craig – Slowly Approaching Drone

Darage Bang – The Shadow Above You

Breaking Light – Nothing To Hide So Nothing To Fear


Ambient Online Compilation- Volume 2

Ambientsketchbook – Ether

Silent Frill – Long Forgotten Future

Tuonela – Drone Progeny

Their Teeth To Points – Even as the Dogs are Barking


Ambient Online Compilation- Volume 3

remst8 – Midnight v1.35

rylo3 – Beneath the Stars

Ivan Black – The Empire of Light II

Thought Experiment – Amber Drift Pt. 2

ontol – Evolution of the Evening


You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2015-01-30%20The%20blind%20flight%20%282014%20in%20review%20part4%29.mp3


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