if we were having coffee #weekendcoffeeshare


Thank you for joining me for weekend coffee on what I perceive as a bit of a chilly Saturday morning.

The flavor of the week is still English toffee but there’s also regular coffee so pour yourself a mug and we’ll do some talking. Now there’s an expression you don’t hear much these days, or maybe I just don’t hear it.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how your week was, wanting to know the highlights as well as the challenges.

If we were having coffee, I’d probably tell you that this week hasn’t been terribly exciting and that I haven’t been able to work on my music as much as I would have liked.

However, if we were having coffee, and if you were interested, I’d play you an excerpt of a track that I did start working on this week and share with you the story of this particular song.


This was posted a few days ago to twitter and Facebook but it didn’t have the addition of the bells or the first 3 minutes which is the original intro to the track.

I originally wrote this as a new-age piano track with flute and clarinet back in 1992 and it’s always been a favorite track of mine. I first played it at what I remember as a Junior high school event when I was living in Akron Ohio and the audience response was quite positive. The section you’re listening to now is mostly brand new, written this week as a clear departure from the original theme, something just to change the mood of the track a bit.

I hope you enjoy the music.

If we were having coffee, I’d probably tell you that I was especially frustrated this week with the children fighting, the older sister is so mean to her younger brother and I know at these ages, it’s pretty normal but it still doesn’t diminish my feelings of hopeless frustration that I sometimes have about their interactions.

If we were having coffee, I’ll probably tell you that I was saddened to hear that Edgar Froese passed away on Tuesday. He was the founding member of the group Tangerine Dream, a band who completely changed the face of electronic music. My first introduction to new-age and electronic music was a song called White Eagle from their 1982 album of the same name.


if we were having coffee, to end on a more upbeat frame of mine, an excerpt from one of my albums was played on last week’s Night Tides program. Thank you Renée Blanche for playing my music. I very much appreciate the exposure.


You can find the album she played at the following link.


Thank you for having coffee with me, I always enjoy the interaction. Until next time we meet, have a good week ahead and thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “if we were having coffee #weekendcoffeeshare

  1. tuonela says:

    Actually I was having a morning coffee when I read this… Congrats on getting, and on caring enough to worry about your kids. I watch my granddaughters doing the same thing and worry about who they’ll become and how they’ll cope with the world… just like most parents do, I guess, which doesn’t make it any easier.

    Trying to find my Edgar Froese albums so I can play them… place is a mess, garage full of boxes of records and not enough time left to play them all.


  2. tuonela says:

    Congrats on getting PLAYED… of course.

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