visions for the musical new year, definitely not sugarplums


Okay, so the sugarplum reference is a bit season and those who know me either personally or through extensive online communication would probably feel that there was something wrong with me if my visions for music included that reference.

This is just a short list of ideas that I have for musical projects for 2015 for those who are interested.

First, I hope to see the beginnings of the release of a collaborative series which I started working on last year, a 24 hour concept that I’m calling the lost broadcasts of the dying star of Vega.

You may remember that I put out a call to artists and musicians about this last year and I’m happy to report that I have an amazing group of collaborators so far who have contributed to this project, people like Dronny Darko, Ian Haygreen, Cousin Silas, Daniel Barbiero, Negative Spectrum, and many others.

The drone excursion series is moving to a new label and I believe installation 7 will be coming out in late January.

A dark ambient collaboration with negative Spectrum is beginning, a morbid concept based on an article about what happens to the body after a person dies. This is another of those concepts that, as a lot of them are, was inspired by an article I read on the internet.

Jack Hertz and I are working on the second installation of the Dante trilogy and I envision us having part 3 done this year as well.

Back in 1992, I began working on a collection of new-age songs inspired by various people that I had met throughout my life up to that time and the project continued off and on until 2003 during a rather turbulent part of my existence. I called the album Little Moments and it’s something that I may have mentioned here and there but I can’t really remember. I reworked a large amount of the songs into more ambient tracks which suits my current style and I feel that they’re better than the originals which were released on a very limited number of cassettes back in 1997 if I remember right.

This year’s planned Halloween release is guaranteed to chill you to the bone, another narrative with Rebekkah Hilgraves called The Fog.

Well, that’s part of my plans for this year. I hope it’s a happy prosperous new year for all of you and I look forward to another year of music and I hope you guys enjoy the sonic journeys throughout the next 12 months.


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