summary of musical activity for 2014

Hello. It’s time for my annual summary of music output for the past year.

It’s been an amazing year for me musically and with the help of some collaborators, I’ve explored the realm of concept albums, whether they were rather controversial or dark and foreboding, they were great fun.

I’d like to thank the proprietors of all the internet labels, people like Jack Hertz of Sound For Good and Aural Films, Thomas park and Phillip Wilkerson of treetrunk, Stephen Philips of Darkduck, C.P. McDill of webbed hand, Thomas Mathie of weareallghosts, Michael Peck of Waiting World, Geoff Small of Earthmantra, Oystein Jorgensen and Rune Martinsen of Petroglyph, Mikael Hirsz of Xenomorph, Lee Rose of Happypuppy, John Tocher of Buddhist on Fire, rad Ross-MacLeod of Free Floating Music, Evgenij V. Kharitonov of 45 echoes Sounds, Paolino Canzoneri of Nostress, and Bing Satellites of BFW Recordings for the numerous opportunities that I’ve had to make all this music available to you, the people who download and listen. I’d also like to thank you, the listener for the time you take to give my music your attention. Special thanks goes to the people who collaborated with me and to the various bloggers who reviewed my works throughout the year. I’m excited about the possibilities for 2015 and can say for sure that there will be a couple more unsettling concept albums from Rebekkah Hilgraves and myself released.

Have a happy new year and now for the list.

Various artists Compilations:

EFC Music Challenge 8 Compilation – Christmas

Cosmic Night

The BFW Christmas Album 2014

Apertio aurium

Wall of Ambient Sound 2014

Quiet Friends- A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence

Quiet Mind

Album in a day volume 9

Dark Night of the Soul

Shoemaker Levy 9 Commemoration

G-waves on Jupiter

The Drone Download Project

an absence of light in the afterlife

Album in a day volume 8

Dreaming of the Oriental Moon

Shine like the stars

Skies of Light


Searching For A Surface Of Diminishing Importance


the cosmic transformation of Wanda Dunn


I no longer Love Blue Skies


Drone for Organ and Clarinet

Tomorrow Never Came (a tribute to John Lennon)

Colaborative efforts:

Jupiters Cyclone with EugeneKha

The Ancient Glaciers of Mars with MetaDronos

Divina Commedia Book 1 (Nine Circles) with Jack Hertz

Three Moons with Eugene-kha and Mister Vapor

No heaven, No Forgiveness with Rebekkah Hilgraves

Lunar Navigational Systems – And I Shall Rid Myself Of All Outer Vestments As I Journey To Become One With Zeus

The Eternal Torment Of Prometheus (with Mister Vapor)

spaceport 261x with Oystein Jorgensen

The Madness that Lurks With in (with Rebekkah Hilgraves)

Abstraction with earlyguard

Solo albums:


Drone Excursion 006 AKA Unquiet spirits crossing the Rubicon

The Ambient appliance Series 1 (Symphony for prepared dryer)

Drone.Excursion005 AKA ‘Quiet Passage’

Drone.Excursion004 aka ‘harmonic convergence’


Fog Music 4

The Absence of Light Contains The Shadow of Loss

drone.excursion.003 aka uncertainty of suspense

Dark Flow

Drone.Excursion 002 AKA Into the Industrial Complex

nocturnal journeys in unfamiliar landscapes

Rain 3


Drone.Excursion 001 AKA The Choral Drone

Waterless Places

podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for December 26, 2014

The BFW ChristmasAlbum 2014

Kevin Lyons – Between the Woods and the Frozen Lake

Cousin Silas – One Bright Evening

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2013

Bing Satellites – Stille Nacht

Peter DiPhillips – Moonlight On Snow

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2011 – Shane Morris – Underneath The Mistletoe

The BFW ChristmasAlbum 2013 – Magnetic Wind – Angels We Have Heard On High

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2012 – Jack Hertz – Winter Breeze

The BFW ChristmasAlbum 2014 – Scott Lawlor – Apertio aurium

Dark Winter Holiday Compilation-A Candle’s Golden Glow – Mystified – Silent Night Droney Night

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2013 – C.paradisi – A Cold Coming

The BFW ChristmasAlbum 2014 – Tim Kays – Moonlight on Christmas Snow (for Lori Shaffer DeGroff)

Free Floating Music – All is calm 2010 – LucetteBourdin-SnowFlakeAndFirePlace

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2011 – Altus – Pinegrove

The BFW ChristmasAlbum 2014 – Stephen Briggs – Time to reflect

Free Floating Music – All is calm 2010 – Ambienteer-TumbleDown

Free Floating Music – all-is-calm 2012 – Phillip Wilkerson – Snow Is Glistening

Ian Haygreen – Dark Yule – The Boar’s Head

The BFW ChristmasAlbum 2011 – TheAmbientVisitor-Crimble

Archive – Silent Night (Shepherds Quake)

Dark Winter Holiday Compilation-A Candle’s Golden Glow

Last Nights of Paris – I’m Dreaming

Bunk Data – Fall on your Knees

You can download the podcast for this week’s program from

a special Christmas Blind Flight, the day after


I hope all of you had a merry Christmas and in the spirit of the season, even though it’s a day later, I am going to broadcast my annual Christmas show with one difference. I won’t be doing any voiceovers so that’ll be a bit unusual. The added benefit to not hearing my silly voice is that you’ll have more music, though there will be Christmas messages from some of the artists on the program which is a nice touch.

I’ll be playing music by artists such as Kevin Lyons, Cousin Silas, Bing Satellites, Peter DiPhillips, Shane Morris, Magnetic Wind, Jack Hertz, Mystified, C.paradisi, Tim Kays, Lucette Bourdin, Altus, Stephen Briggs, Ambienteer, Phillip Wilkerson, Ian Haygreen, The Ambient Visitor, Archive, Last Nights of Paris, Bunk Data and your host.

Please join me for a festive blind flight and the final show for 2014 tonight, starting at 9 PM central time on

Thanks for listening.

a very merry Christmas and a huge thank you


On this Christmas morning before everything gets going with the little ones opening presents, and preparing the Christmas dinner, I’d like to take just a moment to extend to each of you a very merry and joyful Christmas.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for listening to my music and the Blind flight radio program on stillstream. I know that some of you have commented on my work on sites like bandcamp and the like and I wish I could respond directly to those comments but since I’m not able to, I’m saying thank you here for your support.

Your listenership and supportive commentary reaffirms that my art has meaning and value beyond even what I know at the time of composing.

I appreciate all of you more than I give words to and I look forward to a 2015 with many journeys.