podcast of this week’s blind flight

The Blind Flight for November 7, 2014

SAVO and Disturbed Earth – So Far – Leaves Changing Colour


Wood Made Sounds – Mandorla Autumn Tunes Net-Collection Vol.2 Part 2 – Dry Leafs Began to Fall

Introspective – Gewesen EP – the leaves in the rain

Cinchel – Nature (Part 1) – A Leaf


Darren Harper – Seasons Within – Like Drifting Leaves


Chris Russell& Disturbed Earth – The Approaching Armada 0 Leaves on Trees.mp3


Falling You – Touch – Reading The Leaves (By Moonlight)

Pixyblink – Vaccine – Light on Leaves


John Sobocan – Features of Spheres – Leaves on a Forest Floor


Not Your Average Hippy – Stones – Watching Leaves Fall

Streamline – Echo Lake – When Leaves Fall


Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves [Autumn] – The Smell of Fallen Leaves

OVe – Leaves After Rain – Leaves After Rain

You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2014-11-07%20The%20blind%20flight%20%28falling%20into%20Autumn%29.mp3


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