celebrating Halloween on this week’s Blind Flight


On this week’s terrifying edition of the program, I am presenting an extended set of tracks to give you Goosebumps, make you shiver and shake, and bring torment to your soul. There’s no escape from the horror and mayhem that await you after you’ve gone trick or treating with your little ones so I hope you’ll spend an uncertain three hours with me, your horrifying host as I present tracks from a brand new album by Jack Hertz and myself called Divina Commedia Book 1 (Nine Circles).

I’ll also be playing tracks by Backyard Ghost, Ken Elkinson, Edge of October, Their Teeth To Points, Dan Pound, EugeneKha, Caul, The Implicit Order, MetaDronos, Abandoned Toys and Black Winds.

There is also a special introduction to the program as there always is for a lot of the holiday related broadcasts so be sure to be tuned in at 11 PM central on Friday, October 31st for this special episode of the Blind Flight.

Thanks for listening.


One thought on “celebrating Halloween on this week’s Blind Flight

  1. Zombie Joes says:

    This will surely be a most surreal adventure of the darkest drones and psychotic operatic tones.

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