new track available: Quiet Mind


I am honored to have a track on the brand new Free Floating release called Quiet Friends- A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence and to be among such great musicians as Altus, Jack Hertz, Phillip Wilkerson, Daniel Robert Lahey and many others.

You can download this fantastic compilation from the following link.

Thanks for listening.


podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for September 26, 2014

Cousin Silas – Standing On The Edge Of Decay

Waiting for the Glow




Available from

Cousin Silas – The Sound of Silas (waag_CDr001)

Mini Dronescape

Artificial Lifeforms

Through The Moon’s Opaque Light

Down The Darkening Hills

A Convergence Of Leylines

Sinister Intent

The Empty Mall

Inside Chernobyl

available from

You can download this week’s podcast from

new release: The Ambient appliance Series 1 (Symphony for prepared dryer)


I have a new release on the Petroglyph label, something a little unusual.

Here are the notes about the album. I’d like to thank Rune Martinsen and Oystein Jorgensen for releasing this on their label.

At the beginning of 2013, it was very obvious that we needed a new washer and dryer set so the night before we were to get rid of the old appliances,
I decided to have some fun with the dryer and record a bunch of different household objects taking tumbles in an appliance that would soon meet it’s demise.
My son Matt helped out with the project and we had quite a bit of fun throwing brick fragments, metal bowls, loose change, shoes, plastic coat hangers,
wooden alphabet blocks, silverware, a chair leg and even sweet potatos into this metallic beast which had outlived it’s usefulness.
After creating a couple of ridiculous versions of the recordings for people with really short, long and eternal attention spans, I decided to scrap the project, no pun intended.
A friend of mine actually kept the documentary of symphony for prepared dryer and a year and a half later, after I heard someone on twitter do a piece for microphones in really bad places,
I decided to give the set another creative chance and the results are much more manageable to listen to and I feel, much more creative than the treatment I had given them when I originally thought up this concept.

I’d like to thank Rune Martinsen & Øystein Jørgensen for their album called Triumph Standard 12 which gave me some direction in ways to consider manipulating these recordings.
So now, I invite you into a dark ambient experimental realm, a world where everyday objects are tossed around in a whirlwind of mechanical tumbling, but except for the titles of the tracks,
you probably wouldn’t know what the items really were. The album also includes the original documentary where you can listen to us enthusiastically throwing items into the dryer as well as hearing the objections of my wife regarding other creative endeavors which I thought would be fun to record but which didn’t happen.

Here’s the download link and thanks for listening.

radio Silas on tonight’s Blind Flight


On tonight’s program, I have something really special planned for you, 2 hours of the music of Cousin Silas, featuring tracks from two of his upcoming releases, the Sound of Silas, available from the wearealghosts label and an album called Standing on the Edge of Decay which is available on the Touch label.

I have also created a very special introduction just for this program and I’d like to thank Thomas Mathie and Tim Kays for contributing their voices to that.

The broadcast starts at 11 PM central time on

Thanks for listening.

podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for September 19, 2014

Ambient Online Compilation- Volume 3

Ascendant – Outlets of the Sky

Ambientsketchbook – Arrhythmia

synth4ever – Enigma

ontol – Evolution of the Evening

Eye of Theta – Old Me Old You

Meho – Another Place

SiJ – Echoes From Eternity

The Great Schizm – See You in Later Dreams

remst8 – Midnight v1.35

Ajna – Dreaming of Alluring Distances I

Dream Error – Celestial Drifting

MetaDronos – Durtuintucuti

rylo3 – Beneath the Stars

Available for download from

You can download this week’s podcast from

ambient online featured on tonight’s Blind Flight


On tonight’s program, I am featuring tracks from the ambient online volume 3 compilation, available from, an album of almost 9 hours of ambient music from the members of the ambient online forum at

I’ll be playing tracks by Ascendant, MetaDronos, ontol, Eye of Theta, Meho, SiJ, The Great Schizm, remst8, Ajna, Dream Error and rylo3.

I hope you’ll tune in to what promises to be a good preview of what to expect from the tallented musicians from this forum. The program begins at 11 PM central time on

Thanks for listening.

new release: Scott Lawlor, Eugene-kha and Mister Vapor- Three Moons


I have a new release on the Treetrunk label, a threeway collaboration with Mister Vapor and Eugene-Kha which is available for download.

It was an honor working with these two great prolific artists in the creation of what I hope will be an imaginative journey for you through some of the most mystical and pariless portions of our solar system.

Here are the notes on the album.

Mister Vapor posted a nice, plum drone in late summer of 2014 called "Jupiter". Scott Lawlor picked that sound up and created 3 pieces, each based on a moon of Jupiter. Scott and Vapor asked Eugene-kha to add some elements to the compositions, and Mister Vapor joined in to add a final layer or three, artwork and mastering.

This release is a collaboration in the truest sense– it exemplifies the kind of cooperation made possible by internet communication.

Imagine yourself taking a trip around the Solar System’s largest planet, surveying the topography of each of three of its amazing moons.

Thanks for listening.