new album with Rebekkah Hilgraves: No heaven, No Forgiveness


I am honored to have another release with the very talented Rebekkah Hilgraves on the Aural Films label.

This one is perhaps our shortest collaboration, clocking in at just over 20 minutes but the brevity of the work is overshadowed by its intense content.

Notes about the album.

NOTE: This album is not for the timid, you have been warned.

Aural Films is thrilled to bring you a new release titled "No Heaven, No Forgiveness" by Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves. This dark ambient concept album inspired by the creepy pasta short story called "Gateway of the Mind." The duo returns for another horror-filled sonic journey featuring Scott’s stark dronescapes with the haunting voice of Rebekkah Hilgraves.

Thanks for listening. Here’s the download link.


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