new Release: Drone.Excursion004 aka ‘harmonic convergence’


I’d like to announce the newest release in my drone excursion series and to thank Thomas of Weareallghosts for continuing to release this series. Here are the notes about the album followed by the download link.

Thanks for listening.

Scott Lawlor continues on his journey into post-sixty minute soundscapes with the fourth in his drone.excursion series.

drone.excursion.004 (waag_dex004) aka ‘harmonic convergence’ is a delightful drone that builds in significance in the listener’s consciousness. There is a slow evolution in the chords used over the 72 minute duration that together feeds the mind and provides space for contemplation and flow.

drone.excursion.004 (waag_dex004) is another enjoyable longform drone from Scott and I really do hope you will enjoy it as much as I have … I found it a worthwhile journey to take.


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