a change to the blind flight distribution


As you know, I have been doing a new feature on the program where I play an entire cd by a specific artist each week during the month.

After it was brought to my attention that the podcasts made for download was giving the artists music away and that the artist probably wouldn’t appreciate said action, and after writing to the artist and one of the record labels associated with distribution of some of his works, I was asked that podcasts where I play music of said artist not be made available for download.

This is something I should have thought of myself when starting this feature but you can’t think of everything so as a result, there may be some weeks or even months, where, depending on the artist in question, broadcasts of that material will not be available for download.

I’m going to go on a case by case basis for this decision as I contact the artists I want to feature well in advance of playing their work so if they’re okay with the podcasts being made available for download, everything will be as normal, as will be the case with creative commons work.

I just wanted to let you guys know that if there are weeks where you don’t see a download of the podcast, that’s the reason.

thanks for your understanding regarding this matter and your continued support by listening to the program and interacting with me through the many means of social media available.


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