review of Nocturnal Journeys in Unfamiliar landscapes


Here’s a review of this album on the excellent MakeYourOwnTaste blog.

The link follows the text and he also reviews some other albums in this entry. thanks for the great review of my music.

Scott Lawlor – Nocturnal Journeys in Unfamiliar Landscapes

Prolific (but high-quality) pure ambient artist Lawlor has put out this long-form piece on the reconstituted Earth Mantra netlabel (nice to see that back). He declares the music was inspired by his love for Tangerine Dream’s Zeit, the first album I ever reviewed on this site. So I reckoned this should be right up my alley. And I was right! Like the music that inspired it, this journey is based on an ominous, slightly buzzy drone, an analogue fuzz (or is flowing water?) and eerie sounds like space beacons calling out into the darkness. Excellent! As the piece progresses, these plaintive sustained notes start to layer, build and vary in pitch into an oddly calm maelstrom of sound. And yep, it does indeed sustain interest for seventy-four minutes. This is right up my street and if you love early Kraut ambient or dark ambient, it’s right up yours as well. “Name your price” at the label’s Bandcamp.


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