exploring time on tonight’s Blind Flight


On this week’s edition of the program, I’ll be exploring the concept of time and the devices that measure this phenomenon, clocks.

As it was said in a popular television show in the 90’s "I think we’re too obsessed with time: save time, don’t waste time, be on time, what are we in such a hurry to do?"

So, on this week’s program, I’ll be presenting timeless music by such artists as Gimu, Dark Muse, Jack Hertz, Dave Luxton, Bing Satellites, Thom Brennan, Lucette Bourdin , Michael Sandler and the cd of the week by the featured artist of the month, Earlyguard, Lost in Time.

I hope you’ll slow down a little and join me at 11 PM central time (even I can’t escape having a schedule for the program) on www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.


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