new release: The Eternal Torment Of Prometheus (with Mister Vapor)


I’d like to announce my newest release and to thank Thomas Park for making the drone available as the primary inspiration and source of this meditative long form track.

Here are the release notes for the album.

"Prometheus lay, bound by a chain, on a rock on mount kazbek being awakened by the cold of the winter wind. He instinctively knew why this eternal fate had befallen him but knowing didn’t help ease the anxiety of the torment to come, every day, not at the same time, but at various intervals, to maintain the agony and suspense of the punishment."

"Like he had done for thousands of years, he began the breathing ritual, in and out, slow deliberate breaths, deep and profound to clear the mind and dull the conscious feeling of anxiety that permeated his very existence. At first it had accomplished nothing, seeming futile but over time, the breathing ritual seemed to not only clear his mind of all thoughts, but it seemed to suspend time itself."

"This was the moment he longed for each day, or was it an hour, or a day or an eternity? It didn’t matter, he hovered near death, his heart slowed to an almost unimaginable lethargy and he would in all appearances be dead. His mind reached further and further into the void as his physical form waited for the inevitable extraction of the vital organ, and after the body recovered from the shock of such an event, sleep would come to regenerate his physical being and the torment would continue until time itself faded away into the void of eternal space."– Scott Lawlor, 2014

One main source for this track is a drone entitled "Prometheus", by Mister Vapor, which is available here for streaming or downloading:

Mister Vapor’s Soundcloud Page.

You can download the album from the following link.

Thanks for listening.


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