exploring emptiness on tonight’s Blind Flight


emptiness, it’s a condition we all experience, from quiet spaces which we all need from time to time to a feeling of desolate void which is never welcomed but which still happens as a result of loss or unexpected changes in one’s existence.

Though emptiness has a negative connotation put upon the concept by a society where attempts are made at almost any cost to avoid feeling empty and skirting around the void, this condition doesn’t have to be that way.

In meditation, people are called to empty their minds in order that a transformation can begin to occur so on this week’s program, I invite you to explore the concept of emptiness with me, and take your own personal journey into the void. You may be surprised what you find in the empty spaces.

I’m going to feature tracks by such artists as Jason Sloan, Occurrences In Rain, Igneous Flame, Robert Rich, Darkened Soul, Brother Saturn, Lucette Bourdin, Dave Luxton and the feature cd of the week is the Magnificent Void by Steve Roach.

I hope you’ll join me tonight at 11 PM central as we embrace the concept of emptiness on www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.


One thought on “exploring emptiness on tonight’s Blind Flight

  1. linuxga1 says:

    The second hour, when you aired Steve Roach’s “The Magnificient Void” was amazing, that work has bumped up into that group of five LPs I would take to a desert island, displacing something of lesser awesomeness.

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