podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for May 16, 2014

Scott Lawlor – Neptune; the Mystical Blue World (Unreleased)

the Mystical Blue World

Neptune’s Rings

The Great Ocean

Dark Vortex

The Wizard’s Eye

-218 Degrees Celsius

Tangram – The Long Walk – Desert Walk

Available from http://music.tangr.am/album/the-long-walk

Tangram – Layers – Desert Of Lost Blessings

Available from http://music.tangr.am/album/layers

Palancar – Ambient Train Wreck Back Catalog Collection 10 – 2007-08-31-SunriseOnEuropa

Available for free download from http://relaxedmachinery.com/earthmantra/release-detail.php?id=33

Dutch Space Mission – Mission Space 4

Phillip Wilkerson – The Universe Next Door

You can download this week’s podcast from the following link:



2 thoughts on “podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

  1. kworkmeister says:

    Neptune is one of the best pieces I’ve heard in a while, and may be my favorite so far this year. Thanks for letting us preview this one before its official release. I love the feel of this one. Nice and chilly, yet with a smooth flow. A very cosmic feel to this expansive release.

  2. linuxga1 says:

    This is good, Navigator, I can save on bandwidth and only use Giganews to get Blind Flights before April 2013.

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