an almost all request show on the Blind Flight


On tonight’s edition of the Blind Flight, I’ll be taking your requests for a good portion of the program, well, two thirds of it anyway.

For the first third of the show, I’m going to play an unreleased cd by your host called Neptune; The Mystical Blue World, an album inspired by the planet Neptune as well as the last movement of the Planets by Gustav Holtz. I’m especially fond of this album, probably because Neptune has always been my favorite planet, ever since I was a child.

I can remember having dreams where I’d fly to that planet and for some strange reason, when I hear distant bells, it reminds me of the planet which is why I use the Tibetan bowl sound quite a bit in this recording. Some inspirations can be quite strange and I’ll admit that this is one of them.

If there’s anything you’d like to hear on the program, you can leave a comment on the blog or comment on any of the social media where this post goes.

I hope you’ll tune into the program starting at 11 PM central time on for what I hope will be a night of surprises.

Thanks for listening.


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