Q is for quiet #AToZChallenge

The quiet, an attribute of my life that has gone missing in the continuous cacophony of children.

The quiet, an element of my life that, in earlier times, I thought I had too much of.

The quiet, a profound condition that I, at times, long for and think, how would my life be different had this contemplative friend never left my side.

and so the letter q is for the serenity of quiet. Yet there is another side to this empty sonic space which is the terrifying quiet that creeps up on me late some nights, the times when my mind runs into dark alleys of vivid haunting imagery that scares the hell out of me. Those are the times when I hurry to put something on, anything, a TV show, a song, a radio drama, to drone out the ghostly goblins that have begun the process of invading those empty places that were, just moments ago, filled with the serenity that I had longed for.

Even though I have a propensity to write some very dark haunting music, I have been known to scare myself and I actually scare quite easy, especially if someone comes up to me and whispers or makes a noise very near my left ear.

I was reading a book once and Cindy snuck up on me and whispered "ice cream" in my ear and I jumped. I’m not sure what it is about sudden unexpected noises in my left ear that cause this startled reaction. It doesn’t happen with my right ear at all and I’ve been puzzled by this for quite some time.

Now that the children are in bed, I’m going to enjoy a little quiet before I skate away to the nocturnal realm where my mind will attempt to regenerate itself for the day ahead.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Q is for quiet #AToZChallenge

  1. Lisa says:

    Ah, quiet. My in-laws are at the park with the kids right now, so I am experiencing a small dose of it at the moment. Hopefully you were able to find some peace in your quiet today.

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