l is for…#AToZChallenge

Hi there.

This one is going to be another list of favorite albums, or maybe not all favorites but items that begin with. Maybe I’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like doing laundry, for which the original post was going to be about, because, being in a house of 5, I have lots of experience with the tedium of doing all the laundry.

So, on with the list.

The first album on today’s list is by pianist Liz Story and it was another introduction into the new-age for me in the 1980’s. The album is called Solid Colors and it’s a highly recommended item if you haven’t heard it. Highlights for me are Wedding Rain and White heart.

moving to more of a choral realm, we have Libera, another group whose albums are all great. I recommend the self-titled one as an introduction to their magnificent music.

Heading out into the vastness of space, I introduce you to Lucette Bourdin, a woman who’s bout with breast cancer was the impetus for her composing music. She has an impressive catalog, most of which is available for free and the recommendation for today’s entry is called Radiant Stars.


Moving beyond space itself, if that’s even possible, lend your ears and minds to Lustmord’s masterpiece called The Place Where the Black Stars Hang. This is a journey to the space between stars where the vision is complete darkness, a place where there’s no hope at all of any light. This one is best experienced with headphones.

I end this blog entry with a title which is so silly that it’s almost comical. It’s an album by Luther Wright & the Wrongs and it’s called Rebuilding the wall. It’s a country version of the Wall by Pink Floyd and the ridiculousness of the whole thing is just absurd. I have to say that there version of Is there anybody out there is great, uh, well, in a comical way..


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