k is for King Crimson #ATOZChallenge


When I first heard in the court of the Crimson King, I thought it was Emerson, Lake and Palmer so I started buying all their albums just to find that song.

I never did and it was only a couple of years later that a friend told me who it was. He had a copy of the album on cassette and it was immediately a favorite of mine.

I was in a garage band in the mid 90’s and we played a lot of three chord tracks, things like Hurricane by Neil Young and stuff like that. When we played in the court of the Crimson King, I was in my element because I love playing things that have a lot of changes and complexity.

Now, those who don’t have the patience for drone music or know a whole lot about it, you might be saying "why do you make drones if you like playing complex things with a lot of changes?"

Drone music can be quite complex and have a lot of changes, though the changes a lot of times are glacial but they still occur.

By the way, this is a foreshadowing of the blog post for the letter m and it’s related to King Crimson and I can’t wait to write up that one.

drone music can be just as


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