i is for inspiration


Wow, I’ve made it to this letter and am actually quite amazed.

I don’t consider myself the most creative when it comes to writing so getting this far is a miracle.

for the letter I, I’ve chosen inspiration.

No it’s not original but we all have situations and events that feed the creative side of ourselves and fuel the imagination.

When it comes to my music, I’m inspired by a lot of things such as outer space, the planets themselves, moons of the planets, the Winter season, Politics, the old and New Testament, and articles that I come across on the internet.

This is the part where I make a shameless plug for my music.

I’m going to list a couple of my albums which were inspired by specific events or writings. Sure, you could go back through the blog and find them but who wants to do that, especially if you’re reading a lot of blogs this month for the challenge.

Aural Portraits Of Triton – Vol. 1 with G.m. Slater


Jupiter Is A Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner



I no longer Love Blue Skies




Waterless Places


Now, if only there were a way to create an ambient concept album based on all these things simultaneously.

How about an alien race discovers the ruins of an ancient civilization while they’re doing geological studies on one of the moons of a planet and they come across a manuscript wherein it’s written of their codes for living and divisions of factions based on political differences which resulted in the annihilation of the culture and ultimately the civilization itself.

Anyone up for a collaboration?


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